6 Ways to Reduce Stress

By: Julie Groves

I read an article in the Texas Realtor magazine (Jan/Feb 2020) and I wanted to share them with you. 

1. Breathe- Even a single deep breath - inhaling and exhaling- can provide relaxation.

2. Get Outside - Take a walk around the block or sit somewhere outside and observe the world around you. If you can't go outdoors, try light exercise, like climbing stairs or performing easy stretches.

3. Focus on ONE Thing - Stress builds when you think about future activities and imagine all that can go wrong.

4. Turn on your Tunes - Listening to your favorite music can bring your stress levels down.

5. Laugh - Find a short, funny video online - even one you've seen before.

6. Check in with a Friend - a hug, a quick phone call, or text exchange can shift your focus from what's stressing you out to the good things in your life. Spending a moment with a pet is another good stress reducing connection with a loved one.