A Home Office is Essential to Productivity - Here’s How You Set Yours Up
Written by: Tina Martin

Running a business from home comes with many advantages over managing a traditional business. It’s affordable, flexible, and—most importantly—there’s no frustrating commute through rush-hour traffic. But operating a home-based business involves its own set of challenges. Remote entrepreneurs have to deal with space limitations, licensing complications, and the ongoing distractions of home life. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you set up a productive home workspace.
Make Space
First of all, it's important to establish a dedicated home office where you can really focus. You may even need extra space to store inventory or a client-friendly area where you can perform services in-person. Fitting all of these into your home can be a significant challenge. While some people can get away with converting a spare bedroom or garage into an office space, others may have to buy a new home to gain access to the space they need.
If your home is too small, consider buying a house with an extra bedroom or a property with space for a separate office structure. To start your search, get in touch with a local real estate company like 903 Realty. Your real estate agent will help you find properties that best meet your business and personal needs.
Redfin also recommends checking your credit score, calculating how much home you can afford, and getting pre-approved for a mortgage before moving forward with the buying process. A mortgage pre-approval will help your real estate agent find homes that fall within your budget and meet your loan requirements.
Verify Licensing and Permit Requirements
As you set up your business in your new workspace, make sure you meet all of the licensing and permit requirements for your state. Investopedia explains that you may need a few different permits and licenses to operate your business legally from home. For example, all business owners, including home-based entrepreneurs, must obtain a general business license from their city or county. Without proper licensing, you could face fines, fees, lawsuits, and even forced business closure.
Structuring your business is another essential task that you will have to tackle before launching. As you navigate the steps involved in forming a business entity in your state, ensure that your business name is not already in use by performing a name search online. Also, take some time to review the filing fees for forming a business in your area.
Avoid Distractions
You’re all set up and ready to launch your home-based business, but distractions are stopping you from working as efficiently as you’d like. What now? Creating an efficient home-based workspace requires eliminating distractions that are likely to eat up your time. For example, decluttering your home workspace can help you avoid searching through piles of stuff every time you need something. Implement storage solutions to keep clutter organized and off your desk. And when it comes to décor, keep it minimal. A few potted plants can help you achieve an attractive aesthetic design while also boosting your productivity!
Establish Boundaries
Another way to avoid distractions at home is to establish clear boundaries for yourself and the rest of your family. Structure your workday as you would in an office, setting schedules and productive hours during which you focus on work and only work—no laundry, social media, or chatting with the neighbors! Sticking to a regular work routine will also help you manage your family’s expectations. People who work from home often have to deal with friends and family who think they’re available at all hours, so make sure the people in your life understand and respect your schedule.
Running a business from home isn’t as easy and effortless as it may seem. Make sure you know what you’re getting into! While you’ll have to combat a wide variety of distractions on the job, setting up a dedicated home workspace can do wonders for your productivity.
If you decide to buy a new home to make space for your business, 903 Realty can help you find the perfect property for your needs. Reach out to start your home search today! Send a message or call 903-331-0990.