Does a bedroom have to have a closet to be a bedroom?

By: Julie Groves

Over the years, this has been a common question when I'm out showing homes.  The short answer to this is NO.  Let me elaborate a little on this. 

If you are purchasing a home that was built at the turn of the century (1900's), more than likely there are no closets in the bedrooms at all.  In those days, closets were not a thing, and people kept their clothes in a chifforobe.   So, in this case, an appraiser will count the rooms as bedrooms.  The home meets the standards of the time period.                                                                                                                              

For verification, and to make sure you get the correct information, I consulted with a local appraiser about this question.  He advised that for the most part, they only count bedrooms with closets in them as bedrooms now days.  The exception to this is:  If you have a room that is of decent size, that has an exit in case of fire, they may count it as a bedroom.  However, that is up to the appraiser doing the appraisal.