Should You Look at Homes in The Rain?

By: Julie Groves


A lot of times when clients have an appointment to see a home, and it is raining, they automatically want to cancel.  There are several reasons why you should and should not look at homes during a rain storm.  

Let's look at the reasons why you SHOULDN'T.

1.  If you are elderly, getting out in the rain is probably not a good idea.  Walkways are slick, and the potential for a fall is greater.

2.  If there is a tornado rolling in, and there is debris flying is NOT a good idea to look at homes.  I can promise you, I WILL cancel the appointment.

Now, here are some GOOD reasons to look at homes during a storm / rain shower.

1.  You can easily spot roof leaks.  Just the other day I showed a home, and when we opened the closet....water everywhere.  

2.  You can check the drainage of the yard.  In Texas, most of the time it is hot, humid, and dry!  It's not until you move in, and that first rain comes, that you realize your yard doesn't drain!